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Nature’s Bast Performing Fibre

Commercial grade consistency, cosmetic grade look and feel, nature grade strength and absorbency.


Our process results in bast fibre with unmatched consistency in denier and staple length. This commercial-grade uniformity makes it compatible with multiple major nonwoven platforms. Additional proprietary fibre modifications make it possible to produce nonwoven fabrics from 100% bast fibre.

Look & Feel

Creamy white with a bit of natural fleck. Soft enough for use on babies’ skin. Industry leading softness when wet.


As strong as nature makes it

Strong enough to keep a 3m tall plant standing in a summer storm yet delicate enough to break down in the compost. Bast fibres remain intact from plant to product and are never pulped along the way.

1. Growing hemp on a farm
2. Decorticated hemp fibre
3. BFT refined hemp fibre
4. 100% Hemp nonwoven


Our fibre’s absorbency and excellent wicking properties are a result of their original natural purpose as a highway for liquid nutrients (also known as a phloem fibre) running up and down the plant stem. The fibres’ structure delivers class-leading stratification properties for longevity in packaged wet-wipes.

Engineered by Nature

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