BFTi’s performance enhanced, IP protected, sustainable natural fibres are set to displace synthetic, viscose, and other regenerated cellulose fibres used within the single-use nonwoven industries.

From the farms where the crops are grown to the mills where our purified fibres are formed into non-woven products, our unique technologies consistently produce superior, USDA-designated 100% BioPreferred® products while dramatically reducing chemical and water usage.

In response to growing consumer pressure, multiple municipal and federal governments have passed legislation aimed at reducing landfill destined waste and eliminating single-use plastics. The single-use nonwoven wipes industries (which includes foodservice, industrial, medical disposables, baby wipes, among others) are currently dominated by synthetic and man-made fibres. These fibres are major contributors to micro plastic contamination of water and soil and in most cases are destined for landfill disposal.

BFTi’s bast fibres do not contribute to micro-plastic contamination and are compostable at the end of their useful life.

BFTi’s fibres are equally well suited for spun yarn applications ranging from footwear and home furnishings to denim and towels.  We have unmatched experience incorporating bast fibres with cotton, wool, and other textile fibres and spinning them on various spinning frames. Our fibres bring comfort, improved absorbency, and an improved environmental footprint to woven and knitted textiles.

Bast Fibre Technologies’ proprietary processes bring bast fibers into the 21st century while paving the way for an exciting and sustainable future!