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The Bast Choice for the Planet

At BFT we are convinced that the original circular economy model of Reduce, Reuse, Recycle (the 3R model) has to evolve. A new circular economy model is required, one that will coexist with the original Recycle model but with a new urgent focus on Replacing plastic and Repairing the planet. At BFT we call this Circular Economy 2.0, a new 2R paradigm.

As a species, we have produced more tons of plastics than there are human beings alive today and despite our best efforts the vast majority of this plastic is not recycled. In fact, when it comes to many single-use nonwoven plastic applications, such as diapers and cleaning wipes, it is simply not feasible to consider a recycling strategy.

Replace Plastic

By purposefully designing plastic-free nonwoven products we play our part in reducing the primary demand for annual plastic production. In doing so we make sure that we are not trading one environmental issue, plastics pollution, for another issue, accelerated deforestation. By exclusively working with high -biomass annual crops and avoiding wood-pulp-derived sources, we leave more trees in the ground to act as the planet’s lungs.

Repair the Planet

We must address the issue of prior greenhouse gas emissions. At BFT our long-term goal is to move beyond carbon neutrality. By developing nonwoven products that are natural carbon sequesterers, we can move nonwoven global supply chains from being net carbon emitters to net carbon reducers. In this way BFT can help turn back the clock on carbon emissions.
The bast family of plants are some of nature’s most efficient carbon sequesters. Bast plants are deep-rooted annual crops that grow with minimal inputs in most climactic zones. In many instances they form part of a planned crop rotation programme thereby promoting regenerative agriculture. Furthermore, being an annual crop means bast plants sequester carbon year in, year out whereas once a forest has been logged it takes years before the replanted forest recovers its carbon sequestering efficiency.

Engineered by Nature


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